The particularly flexible property management system
A smart investment. By combining front office functions and advanced communication solutions, InHotel from NEC offers a service-oriented environment to optimize efficiency and supports you with administrative and telephone tasks in order to make your hotel stay more pleasant.

InHotel makes it easier for you to access, understand and work with hotel management information and systems.
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The business advantages of INHOTEL

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Additional INHOTEL functions

When purchasing as an in-app solution for the UNIVERGE® SV9100 or SL2100 systems, hotel operators have additional functions available, including:
The configurable management of internal hotel calls creates added value for hotel operators by providing an optimized overview and thus preventing misuse and errors in billing and ensuring that guests are adequately looked after.
  • Automatically set call restrictions at the request of guests or the hotel
  • Automatically record call charges and bill the relevant guests
  • Set the cost of calls within the hotel
  • If necessary, assign calls to an account
  • Create guest profiles for easy identification and personalization of the service
  • Monitor wake-up calls placed by the hotel and guests
The simple integration, the intuitive user interface and a centralized system that supports a variety of functions and services such as unified messaging, voice mail and unified communications make the SV9500 a robust tool with easy maintenance and uncomplicated support.