SV9100 certification based
on videos

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SV9100 certification based on videos

last updated:June 15, 2021
Course no :SVVZ

Price:99.00 EUR (plus VAT)

Location:Virtual: Net MeetingCenter + Teamviewer

Group: Installer
Level: Basics of network technology


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This certification day is aimed at technicians who have carefully worked through our SV9100 training videos and want to complete a certification.

In our training package for € 99, ​​we offer training support by phone or email in addition to our free training videos. In this training support, you can openly ask questions related to or in addition to the training videos.

Training support is available by phone from Tuesday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Outside of these hours, please ask your questions by email. We try to contact you as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee this outside of the reserved times.


After working through the SV9100 training videos, this certification day can take place.

The daily appointment is aimed exclusively at a single partner company.

For a partner company, up to 3 technicians with their own SV9100 demo / training system can take part on this day. Even if you want to certify additional participants, please only book this day for 1 participant. Then please complete the information in our automated confirmation email and send it to us.

Communication between participant (s) and trainer takes place via the NEC Net Meeting Center (NMC). The support from the trainer takes place via Teamviewer.

Certification Process

Implementation of a fictitious customer configuration with the support of a NECXTCOM trainer on March 8th, 2021
  • SV9100 initial setup
  • German basic programming
  • Two different SIP trunks
  • Day / night service
  • Call and participant groups with waiting announcements
  • Automatic attendant console
  • Voicemail
  • Individual programming of subscribers with regard to call routing, performance features and function keys
  • The trainer is exclusively available to you so that you can ask questions at any time. The knowledge gained through the videos can be deepened here.

Examination task

You create an SV9100 system configuration yourself according to a given customer requirement.

The trainer then checks and evaluates the submitted system configuration.

Conditions for certification:

Binding order of the SV9100 remote training package from Necxtcom consisting of:

– Access to training support

– remote certification together with a NECXTCOM trainer

– Evaluation of the examination task

– certificate

– Demo system / training system per participant

  • SV9100 with CP20 and IPLE module
  • 1 DT500 system telephone (2-wire)
  • 1 analog phone
  • 3 IP system telephones
  • 1 DAP400 DECT antenna
  • 1 G277 DECT handset
  • 1 G577 or i766 DECT handset

The demo / training system must be separated from other networks, as individually specified IP addresses including DHCP and multicast are used.

To do this, the training network must be connected to the customer network / Internet via any router (with an integrated DHCP server). Internet access must allow SIP and RTP communication, among other things. On request, NECXTCOM offers a suitably configured router on loan.

The IP addresses for the networks are 172.25.1X.0 / 24, where X is 1-6 depending on the participant / group.

You also need a manageable PoE switch to operate the end devices and the DECT antenna, as well as to create a trace via a mirror port.

Paid additional services:

The rental systems listed below are only available in limited numbers. Please discuss dates and availability BEFORE booking the certification day with Necxtcom. Loan systems are available to the partner for a maximum of two weeks.

Preconfigured router + switch (25 € including shipping to the partner)

NECTCOM offers you a preconfigured training router for your demo system for the training. This ensures that the LAN side works correctly for training.

The uplink to the Internet via your company network must be guaranteed by you accordingly.


– WAN side Ethernet with DHCP CLient for uplink via the company network to the Internet.

– LAN side with preconfigured subnet and DHCP server


– 8 port PoE switch Mangebar

SV9100 demo rental system including preconfigured router (150 € including shipping to the partner)

If you would like to certify additional technicians in your company, up to 2 additional participants can take part in the certification day free of charge.

The additional participants work on their own training system. For this purpose, we also offer rental systems in the specified configuration.

Please note that we require a purchased demo / training system for the first participant.

If you have questions, we are happy to help.


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